Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7th 2010 Running Blog

"Slow-but-sure has always worked for me, in running and in most other arenas. I wouldn't mind being a Carl Lewis or Usain Bolt, but I've found little payoff in attempting to be what I'm not." - Amby Burfoot, Runner's World Editor At Large

:-) I have had plenty of opportunity to look at amazing runners as my inspiration. If I could correct anything it would be to be the best "Toni" could be and not compare my growth with their journey in a way where I feel defeated. It is very intimidating to put yourself in that situation. Therefore, I'm taking myself out of that mindset and doing just that I feel lighter :-) I know how fast and long I can currently run. I have (in this years blog as proof) shown improvement and have wonderful stories of freedom through running. So I will be happy with that.

Boling Park
Speed Day > Ggrrrrrr....on the way out the door and to deal with a last min. "issues" missed run.

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