Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13th 2010 Running Blog

"I run because my feet, body and soul have a story to tell that goes on for miles and miles." - Melissa Ortiz

Today was my x-training day and I did everything I was scheduled to do but the really good part was after I was done I laid in the lazy river at the Y then rested in a jacuzzi....soooo deserved!! I kept thinking I am so blessed. What a wonderful life I have and I just wanted to tell Jesus thank you :-) I went running alone but what is nice; is having friends there. So, I'm not really alone.

I did a lot today and so immediately as soon as I could I was replacing the calories I burned with food. So, hopefully that will help my body function a little better. Kailah thought maybe she could do the weight lifting class but they really work on your hips as you lift weights so she couldn't finish. I'm tell'n you, this class is hard and I'm gonna go so far as to say...most men couldn't cut it in there! Therefore, we will be working with free weights and machines.

4 Miles
Power Pump 1 Hour
Zumba 1 Hour

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